Hi Everyone!!

So sorry about being so long away from my OFR blog desk!
I, Lisa, and still in Oz, and Larrie is back in the USA-both of us busily engaged in many diverse, activities!

I have had a ball with my grandbaby! And been overjoyed to be among my adult children as well. Both Larrie and I have continued to do music on both continents and the really good news is that we will soon be reunited and making more music together again!!! Here in OZ!

We have a special treat planned… which I will keep as a surprise- But, watch this space, as it will be exceptionally blog worthy!!

After that, a birthday, a wedding and then both of us will be US bound. Of course, I am very sad at missing yet another Boxing Day Family Reunion ( still struggling with that 😦 ), but, as you can imagine, after being away so long, I need to get back to a few things. Still, I am locking in 2019 for a Sydney Christmas, to get reacquainted with all my extended family and new additions-even if it means flying in and out for two days!!

You can check Reverbnation for calendar details.
I’ve had serious lack of time for getting to such things.

I will try to update again soon.

Till then, stay groovy!!!!



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