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fireside shot
Larrie & Lisa at The Fireside Lounge 2014: reunited after another extended separation

Our Fireside Romance Story…


So! Back in July of 2012, Lisa was visiting Alameda,  and she and her friend Kathryn, decided to check out the Open Mic at The Fireside Lounge in Webster St. It was early , so Lisa requested the list put her name at the top and came back about 90 mins later when it was getting ready to start.

Meanwhile, Larrie, the host of the open mic that night, was in a place where he had sworn off all women, let alone any serious long-term relationships and proclaimed music his mistress and his guitar his girlfriend.

Then…enter Lisa! Larrie instantly forgot his resolutions.  Lisa was swept off her feet with his attention and irresistible ‘can’t help its’.
Needless to say, the pair were a pair from that moment on!

Larrie wanted to find out if she wanted to go on his list. She didn’t want him to know she was already on his list…that was too easy! But there she was, #1, TOP of his list.

When she spoke and he heard her accent, he melted… but in the next moments when he learned she could play her own music, and even wrote it, he was totally smitten.
Larrie insisted, after she did two of her originals with their now mutual friend, Jon Otis (son of legendary Johnny Otis), that she should do another song, with him playing. That’s when Carole King made another kind of history-the first song they sang together, and still do: Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow.

Larrie made an impromptu key change and Lisa went with it and the place went off. Then , he called another guy, London, up to sing and had Lisa sing harmonies with him. Maybe he was testing all her skills before he got too excited! lol

At the end of the night, all parted, but at 2 am, Lisa got a call from Larrie,  saying that she had left her red folder of music behind and so now, she had to see him tomorrow.  It was a kind of “Cinderella’s slipper”-musician style! Lisa felt somewhat exposed.. it was a bit like reading her diary and Larrie could tell her tastes and level of musicality from its content too. “She is speaking my language” he had told Kathryn.

And thus began a very long and often challenging, sometimes distressing journey, that continues today, almost 6 years later…

This is the very condensed version but we will save the fun, and not-so-fun, details for progressive posts…don’t miss any! Long distance love, marriage the second time around, step families, finding your soul mate, making music, singing and vocal tips, creating beautiful memories, arranging harmonic gems, working , living and playing together…and apart…the whole kit and kaboodle! ( Even cool freebie offers!!)

The Fireside community that were part of that initial event and since have greatly supported this soul connection. In fact, Sandy, an owner, was the first to refer to the couple as “our favourite Fireside Romance” –which, you guessed it, is how they got their name. It was perfect for a couple that sing love songs and duets!
And you can still find them there together, hosting the Open Mic on the last Wednesday of every month!

This one is at the airport, when Lisa is “…leaving on a jet plane…” again. (p.s. she’s wearing some of Harry Mason’s gifted signature spiral earrings!)