Happy Birthday Larrie—In The Space Between

Long Distance Love Continues…

Larrie and I have had to be apart for quite some time and today , having just missed Valentine’s Day, which is when we usually do what we do best , love songs and duets. It’s also Larrie’s birthday this Friday and I am already saddened at not being able to be with him for it.
So, I made him this video from my photos and my own music

A classic song of love and the challenges that must be overcome in order to have that love come into fullness.

The song reflects the level of divine connection that exists in covenant love, beyond our physical limitations and the requirements sometimes existing in our lives, that we cannot simply ignore. In the novel series, “Escape To Ecclesia”, this ‘separation’ is depicted as multi-layered but is also overcome on all levels through the knowledge that love is more than merely being physically present. It knows no bondage to time, nor dictated to by distance. Ecclesia presents this love as being “In the [LIMINAL] Space Between”.

Liminal meaning being part of two or more realms, yet in crossing thresholds of all, belonging specifically to none. E.g. the stretch of sand that is beach at low tide, and ocean at high tide is neither truly beach nor ocean, but a unique space of its own because it is both.
It is the point where things meet and fuse together.

Relationships are all about liminal communion. The way of a man with a woman is this kind of fusion. A baby in his mother’s womb is both his own being and part of hers. Likewise, when nursed. True and deep connection intellectually, creatively, spiritually and /or emotionally is also a fusion of souls.
We are desperately lonely without these connections. Superficial and shallow games will never answer the deep drive for union. and communion and belonging

We meet God in the ‘space between’, in the realm of the Spirit—and nothing else has the power to fully satisfy us with lasting goodness the way an encounter with God does.

Valentine’s Day Crafty fun!

Hi All!
Some romantic, Valentine’s Day fun!

A Movable Book Box

So, aside from my gifts for our gig tomorrow night, I spent the day trying to create a couple of special projects for precious people.
I followed along with Hetals Art    Valentine’s Day Gift box

It still isn’t quite finished and it is pretty crude, made from whatever I could find , rather than especially bought materials… but that’s how I like it! 🙂


Pop UP fun

And here is the card I made Larrie, my husband. I’d already made him a very cool Anniversary gift in January, and next week for his 60th, I have organised a printed book of our last holiday in Australia…but, I still wanted to make him and pop up card lol
I followed along with Own World   .I have seen a another very similar idea from Frugal Crafter, which was further simplified the pop up aspect, but it used a lot of added tools for finishings and decorations-which made it very sweet. I do like the simplicity and rawness of DI Y with re-purposed stuff!

Ok! That was my fun for  today! And trust me, even I still have tax stuff to finish, I really needed that creative space!! Grateful! ❤

Valentine’s day Final Countdown

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to drop you a line, and a reminder, about our Valentine’s Day Gig this Thursday at Station House Cafe, Point Reyes Station.
You can find out more Here   

freebie’s for attendees

And also, let us know if you are heading our way through our Facebook page.

Looking forward to giving you a gift on your arrival, but remember, it is first in best dressed. Once they are gone, they’re gone!

See you soon!! 🙂

Make All of February the Month For Love.

Throughout February, we will be playing our love songs and duets at Alameda’s Cinema Grill.
You can find the dates on our Calendar. Don’t wait till Valentine’s Day till treat your special sweetheart to some musical romance over dinner, before a movie or even with brunch.

Also, if you plan to come to our Valentine’s Day Gig  you can reserve your Valentine’s Day surprise gift by entering your details below with Keep my GIFT in the comments section- and we’ll hold it for you to receive on the night!
But you do have to be there before 7pm to get it!  🙂

Save the Date flyer

Just a reminder, we are recording LIVE and plan to put a selection of the songs performed on Spotify before the end of the month. You can say I was there…  🙂

Stay tuned…

You can also RSVP on our Events page here